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Testing Low Dorsal

Carol Ritchie

Originally from British Columbia, Carol was educated at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and worked in a therapeutic practice in B.C. for 10+ years before training in a Bio-Mechanics technique with an 80-year-old Chiropractor named Dr. Russel E. Osborn, N.D., D.C., B.E. This modality, most commonly known as Spinal Touch Therapy, became her primary treatment approach and she carried it with her when she moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

After several years in practice in downtown Halifax, and at the Hydrostone, while also working as an educator teaching clinical theory at ICT Northumberland College, Carol left this field to pursue a new career in Public Relations, Branding, and Communications.

She’s back. Carol is excited to join the Hubbards Chiropractic multidisciplinary team as a Spinal Touch Technique practitioner in private practice.

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