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Service Fees

We offer direct billing for chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture if your plan allows it. 
Please check your extended health care plan as some treatments/providers cannot be direct billed. 


We are unable to direct bill for custom orthotics. Full payment is required upon dispensing of your orthotics. You will be provided a receipt, as well as the appropriate paperwork required to submit for reimbursement from your own insurance company. Please check the details of the requirements for reimbursement before your appointment. 

We are unable to direct bill for all services with Roxy. While some insurance plans may cover reflexology, we cannot guarantee that yours will, and we recommend checking your coverage prior to your appointment. We are happy to provide you a detailed receipt upon request.

Trigger point/fascial stretch therapies, personal training, reiki, and group sessions are not covered under extended health care benefits. 

Out-of-pocket expenses outside of your extended health care coverages are the responsibility of the patient and are due in full at time of treatment.

Clinic Cancellation / No-Show Policy

In order to respect the time of our practitioners and to offer fair availability to all of our patients, we kindly ask for 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment. In the absence of 24 hours notice, or in the case of no-show or late arrival, the full fee for the scheduled service may be applied to your account (this fee cannot be charged to insurance plans).


with Dr Christine Fahie & Dr Jessican Dean 

New Patient Examination - $100

Follow-up Adjustment - $60

Follow-up Laser Therapy - $50
Follow-up Laser w/ Adjustment - $70
Re-exam (required if we have not seen you in over 1 year) - $80

Orthotics Examination - $60

Custom Orthotics - $400 ($200 deposit due when ordering,

$200 due upon receipt.)



Massage Therapy

with Carla Stone, RMT

(prices include HST)

90 min - $166.75

60 min - $115.00

45 min - $97.75
30 min - $80.50


Reflexology & Indian Head Massage

with Roxy Herilhy
(prices include HST)

Initial Visit, 60 min - $103.50
Follow up, 60 min - $92
Follow up, 45 min - $69
Follow up, 30 min - $46

(Roxy is not a Registered Massage Therapist)

Trigger Point / Fascial Stretch Therapy

with Roxy Herlihy 
(prices include HST)


Initial Visit, 60 min - $103.50

Follow-up, 80 min - $138

Follow-up, 60 min - $103.50
Follow-up, 40 min - $69
Follow-up, 30 min - $51.75
Follow-up, 20 min - $34.5




with Gabrielle Bellefleur, R.Ac.

Initial Session, 75 min - $110

Follow up Session, 60 min - $90

Energy Healing


with Leah Noonan

Initial Visit, 60 min - $60
Follow up, 60 min - $40

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