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Roxy Herlihy

Roxy started in the fitness industry in 2012, with Yoga as her specialty, which lead to a long list of clients suffering from injuries, both new and old, many of which have learned to live with their pain. She was surprised to see how many people live this way, and thought there must be a way she could help. This started her journey with fascia.


She took her first course in Trigger Point that same year. She has always guided her continuing education toward her clients’ needs. With years of experience and now working with sports injuries, in 2017 she decided to expand from being a personal trainer to also becoming a Myofascial Trigger Point & Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST).


Roxy is also a student of Reflexology, anticipating being fully licensed by the Atlantic Canada Association for Reflexology Therapists by the end of 2022.


Roxy lives in Hubbards with her husband Pete and their four children.

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